What is like to compete at Line Skating?

I was a professional Line Skater from 2006 to 2013, it was a really good stage in my life, i knew a lot of people from around Colombia, i knew cities here in Colombia.

We trained regularly 3 hours per day at the track plus the physical conditioning time which was 1 to 2 hours.

Each month or two months we had a performance here in Bogota called ‘Distrital’ which was designed to train the professionals here at Bogota to able to compete later at another places against the best clubs out there from all around Colombia, this tournament was called ‘Nacional’, earn medals and appreciation from your club and your city too, just to be prepared one day to participate in the tournament to be part of the Bogota / Colombia selection.

Our training never was easy, every person involved in our process put a lot of effort and pressure on us everytime, we didn’t even had time to hang out with friends or talk to each other about non-professional stuff.

I really loved Line Skating but i actually didn’t have a regular childhood, we were train to be discipline and not succumb before failure (literally).

When we fell down we had to raise up because probably your opponent will do that if he was better trained mentally and physically speaking, besides the fact that literally your parents invested money in you, and your trainer spent valious time designing and training you, you couldn’t fail them, you couldn’t fail yourself.

Not everything was dark, i met beautiful people who teach me and modeled me as i am today, a discipline person, friendly competitive, passionate and i never succumb before failure, instead, it helps me to make a daily improvement and compare myself to the day before to accomplish better things everytime i have the change to.

I also met love for the first time, which was unrequited but teach me a lot of things about girls and friends.

So, here we are, i’ll explain how our weekly training was composed, how it helped us to improve and how a competence works, what i felt inside a competence, and all that kind of stuff.

Line Skating strength varies depending on your specialty, if you are a sprinter your body composition would have to be bigger than the regular people, also is necessary the correct strength in your legs as usual.

For a Long distance Runner, as i was, you have to focus on strengthen your legs too, but the difference between a sprinter one is that you also focus your training on cardio respiratory exercises, because you have to last multiple laps inside a competence, without getting exhausted and assuring your brain receives the correct quantity of oxygen and dopamine, otherwise, it would be normal for you to fell and provoke an accident without even realizing why did it even happened to you.

So, on Monday to Fridays we would train, as i mention above, 3 hours inside a track, training velocity, endurance, physical strength, mental strength, attitude, motivation and technique. At the end of the session your trainer would say some words to all of us motivating us to continue our discipline path to achieve our goals, he also would tell us if we had a change to improve at any dimension.

After this training normally we would go to a personalized gym to train our muscles, even when we didn’t even have 15 years (which later provoked me an injury which ended my career). We focused here the muscles according our specialty, we also trained here in some machine called table, which basically was a Slippery table in which we could slide from side to side like minimizing skating, to improve our technique and leg strength.

As for Weekends, our training was basically 2 to 3 hours climbing some mountain on bike, Los Patios, El Salitre, La Calera, La Vuelta a la Sabana, Subachoke, El Alto Del Vino and more (to strengthen our mental capacities and also our legs strength). After this hard training normally we would rest the rest of the day or go to skate 2 or 3 hours, to lighten our legs or just for fun.

And that’s, it, some people preferred climbing some mountain on shoes, like Monserrate. Others just preferred cardio training on static bikes or a gym, it really depended on what was your specialty and priority, some people had incredible strength but their technique was poor, so they would go on weekends to train their technique and so.

Competences are very hard in many ways, every person there has trained the very same hours as you, you actually have trained some times with them and had realized you’re in a better condition than them or on the contrary, which could cause you over confidence or lack of confidence, which would cause hell of a fear for you.

When we are so focused in one task there’s a toxin that is expelled by our bodies called Dopamine, this is a dose of full adrenaline, which allows you to keep running even when you didn’t train for this, even when you don’t have the necessary strength to do so, is just your brain acting itself, you can’t even realize about this fact, you can’t see your trainer, your worried parents or friends, you fell and in milliseconds you didn’t even realize and your running again as it never happened and it didn’t even hurts, later you realize you have bad injuries, fractures, or you just break you arm. your only focus is to win the challenge.

It is really nuts, people don’t understood why it was so hard for us to compete, because no one knows what it really takes, put your pants when you don’t have any and break everyone else legs, even when they are stronger than you and you are the only who realize about this.

There are people who just block their minds when enter the track in a competence, they start crying, smiling more than the usual and even pissing themselves. For this people, surprisingly, there is a drug who mimics our Dopamine, it’s called Taurine and energy booster drinks contains it, that’s the trade-off you could do instead of a natural dopamine generated by yourself. Or if you are smarter than the others just mix both and become a god.

Later, you would realize that there are more drugs that people ends up injecting themselves just to earn the first place in a career, there’s not much control on this kind of substances, which is very sad and had provoke multiple death on many teenagers, heart attacks or they just become invalid for a really bad injure.

I’ll divide this post in many others, later i’ll be talking about some values i learned on Line Skating, what i really means to be a boar, what’s discipline, and my best and worst experiences on Line Skating. thanks for reading and see you later.

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